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A ferry-tale.

As if I could spend the eternity gazing into the boundless, open sky and the jaw-dropping expanse that encompassed my every breath and dimension. I stood there rooted to the wooden plank in conjunction with the ferry, taken aback by the gaping view and let the exuberance take over my spirit.


The city was only a ten minute ferry-ride from my coordinate. While it seemed quite convenient and time-preserving, I was compelled to give it a second thought. Irrespective of the religion, age, gender, community the ferry serves as common mode of transport to the localites. The boat held a dozen more commuters, with and without their mopeds and bicycles as it set forth towards its destination across the mighty river. I sat on the edge staring at the profound beauty and the sprawling green which kept moving further away with every growl of the engine motor.

For most of the passengers, the transit was a routine affair which was quite evident from the way they kept rambling in their localized dialect without taking any slight note of the welcoming panorama. I, on the contrary sat like a monk who had discovered his sanctum and let the calm-inducing aura seep into my inner space.

It is a routine-driven life.

Clicked by Tarash Jain.

We all perform our chunk of daily tasks that steer us through the day. Getting ready for office, writing your journal, taking a medicine, Facebook, coffee, metro, Sensex, tugging the shirt buttons wrongly, visiting the neighbourhood temple, delivering your evening Namaz, headbanging to Slayer or whatsoever, puffing the holy joint, gossiping about your sister’s bestfriend’s cousin, feeding grains to the birds, searching for an ideal parking lot, not following the schedule, getting late for the class lecture, sneaking into the class lecture, sleeping.

It differs from being to being, from haves to have-nots, from father to son, from husband to wife, from passenger to passenger.

“Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d.”

The school girl dismounted her bicycle, all set to race her way back home as I patiently waited for my turn to get on the ferry. When the sail began, the man standing beside his moped was engrossed in his cellphone; the fisherman sitting on the river bank making a livelihood from the gathered catch; the cyclewala sat quietly beside his bicycle, his legs crossed; the ferry conductor busy collecting fares, his mind absorbed in a silent computation.

Hence, we repeat and re-repeat our day everyday.So, sometimes when things do not turn up the way they are bound to be  it does feel refreshing.And just like that, it was an ordinary day with its share of extraordinary moments. How amazing it seems when simple, little things like a ferry-ride to the city can make your day count.

The glowing yellow ball in the sky was sinking into the waters, tinting the sky to pinkish-tangerine. The wind gushed over my face, strewing away the tiny hair fragments which constituted my hairline. It was a soothing rush, the kind that gives you a high and makes you surrender your consciousness.

I turned back to stare at the starting junction which now looked like an insignificant dot, fading to a blur.


“V for VenDeTTa”

V for Vendetta/vengeance/vindiction are the most dangerous bugs from the evil Pandora’s box.

Among all the negative feelings in a person’s head,revenge is the purest notion.The effortless power of this verb can have critical consequences.

Be it the creation of facebook or the implantation of bombs in Hiroshima-Nagasaki,this emotion consistently proves its superiority on the human brain(s).Ofcorse,this doesn’t mean every insane mind, thirsty for vengeance will always end up doing an assassination or an invention,but its definately mind boggling.

As a child if you’ve ever tried snatching ur friend’s candy(which I always did :P),his instant reaction would be snatching your share and in a more notorious case you’ll also be gladly rewarded with a kick or a facepunch (which my buddy always did :P)

Not that this feeling comes inbuilt in a Sapien,much of it is because it is superhyped.From Tom n’ jerry to Angry birds,all of us are quite familiar to its ambience.

But Real life is verdictless.We have to mark our own checkboxes.There are phases when the angry bird inside us drives us to vengeful actions and just like how the game is played it can either be fully planned or a gut feeling.

But is it always about winning the game?Is it always a righteous deed?I agree revenge comes with enormous satisfaction but two wrongs do not make a right.
When god created revenge,he also created forgiveness.
If revenge brings satisfaction,forgiveness brings peace.

I might be the person who hooted the most when I saw Avengers defeating Loki.
However,my personal opinion still says “every action has an equal n’ opposite reaction” is only true as long as it is applied in physics.
So whether its an eye for an eye or a tit for tat,they are not just idioms.They are huge,life costing phrases.Think before you start believing in them.! 🙂

P.S.: If you got your hopes high that it was a movie review,then me is sorry.Well,sorry for you 😛