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The “Bunny” side of me.


Fourth Grade.

The usual Sunday.A feet ago.

Drooling over a pair of bunnies hopping playfully in the neighborhood park I couldn’t help but wish to have these super adorable creatures all for myself. Owing to their busy job culture and tight work schedule, my parents could never afford to grant my wish leaving all my efforts in vain.

Fourth semester

A week ago.

My infinite craze for bunnies and my everlasting desire to their pet-mom was finally fulfilled when a buddy of mine got me two baby bunnies as a birthday present. I was high on delight and excitement.


But hostel life is a big gun. My four year experience is ample enough to notify my how well equipped and self-sufficient I’m when it comes to taking care of myself.

After a series of repercussions and discussion with my roommate we finally succumbed to their overflowing cuteness and brought the babies to their new abode.

Rabbit#1 was a white fur and rabbit#2 was a brown fur, who were subsequently name-tagged as Bunny and Honey. The zoo-zoo face, the “bugs bunny” ears and a cute round furry tail that chickened out from behind added much to their charm. We spent the first one hour awing and exaggerating their every single move and pet peeves.I made them a den with a shoe carton and stringed it to a litter box. My roommate fetched them some grass to graze on. While Bunny was quite outgoing, Honey seemed equally shy.

How little did I know them.*sigh*


The night came fast and both of them went hyperactive, showcasing their bionic instincts and enlightened us with their pooping talent.

THE next day was spent cleaning bunny feces and radish twigs until I was yawning my soul out. Rabbit parenting wasn’t as easy as it seemed. As the week flew by, the parent mode inside me kickstarted. It was the bunny side of me and familiarity.


Flash forward to this day.

The rabbits are probably a month old by now. Apart from pooping in a split-second, peeing in the blink of an eye and making my life better by the moment, they’ve started to recognize me and Mr. Litterbox. I don’t care how bad my room stinks or how many room fresheners are left to sacrifice as long as I get to observe them chew their meals, cuddle together,stand on their hind limbs and curl into a fluffy cotton ball as they fall to sleep.


They are my happiness. They are my bliss.

I guess that’s that.!

Bunny has already started to nibble on my toe. I should go catch him some grub.

Till then.Toodles.Stay aw-so-me. (:

Photography Credits : My roommate Sakshi :*

A big thank you to my friend Kashif for gifting me the best birthday present I could ever get. (:


I heart Sundays.!! :D


Goodmorning  yawn-ers!!

So,this is just one day when i can’t help myself from being happy(rather flaunting my capped incisor :D) and ofcorse yawning.

The 3 things i can never fail in doing on Sundays

1)      Sleeping  (morning)

2)      Sleeping  (afternoon)

3)      Sleeping  (evening)

Now don’t ask me what i do at night 😛 😉

Well,anyway coming back to Sunday,this day has its own charm.it adds a new dimension to your week – LEISURE.

A day to relax,a day to cheer,a day to remember and a day to smile. 🙂

Every person has their own interpretation of Sunday.while Sundays can be the busiest working day of the week for the sale industry,its an equally lazy day for people like my doctor parents.

As a kid,i was So.in.Love with these 24-8 hrs (8 hours sleep is good for health :P).I got my Momy and Dady,both together for the whole day.

Opening my eyes to see my Ma’s cherubic face,kicking my asleep bro’s ass till he kicked the shit out of me,cuddling in Pa’s lap for the rest of the time and finally brushing at 10:30 a.m. after Ma’s consistent scolding.

The remaining day was a piece of cake.Movies,shopping,picnics and outings dominated the afternoons and evenings and by the onset of night i started to sense my school H.W. pangs.

Nevermind,Mondays were anyway torturous.The 6 day gap felt as hopeless as the first minute of a fluid mechanics lecture.

The week chart went as follows:

Gloomy Monday,boring Tuesday,dry Wednesday,come fast Sunday!! Thursday,lazy Friday,superfun Saturday and voila!Sunday. 😀

As i grew up to become a present day engineering student,my juvenile percerption about Sundays disappeared.The longing and excitement for this day perished over the years.

This doesn’t mean i don’t sleep on Sundays anymore,it only means i don’t sleep just on Sundays. ;P

College is simply as drowsy as it sounds.*Yawn*.There is no Sunday and there is no Monday.

No mom :(,no dad :(,no assignments :D,no tension :),no rules ;).

Much of college life is lazy and fun and once you reach it all you care to realise is that Mondays are overhyped and Saturdays are underestimated. 😉

Till then.Toodles.Sleep well.Stay awesome :*