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Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday.And just like Taylor Swift “Not a lot is going on at the moment”(Especially after the Grammys’ x’D).You know what I mean.

So as I sit in my box and stare mindlessly at the spreadsheet, I can’t help but picture birthday scenarios.The overwhelming ones!

The significance of this day is a hyperbolic curve right from the day you hear your first cry.At this stage, I feel birthdays are highly overrated.

You wake up in the morning expecting a multistoreyed cake by your bedside but instead you find a teeny-weeny muffin with a teeny-weeny candle which melts itself out before you can even grab a bite.Since the day is SO *special*,all you want is to don a sequin dress with dazzling Selena Gomez hair but somehow, you end up looking like the adorkable Zooey Deschanel in a New Girl Episode.You wanna party like you’re Lindsay Lohan but you end up cribbing like Lizzie Mcguire.

Coming to the most important birthday feature.Its a four letter word and I’m not talking about cake.Yeah that’s called a GIFT.Well this is where the “Expectation vs Reality” syndrome kicks in.There that striking red gorgeous peplum dress that you’ve been drooling over since ages and that stunning Gucci bag that’s been flashing in your daydreams and those super hot Huckleberry boots which is the only missing element from the glamorous outfit combination you’ve been meaning to wear to the Valentine date hate party. But instead… well nevermind.

You come back from work expecting a deserted house full of unexpected guests with unexpected presents or at least Katy Perry disguised as a DJ.

Instead,you enter a room full of old uncles and their kids with cold drink (SERIOUSLY!!!) bottles arranged on the corner table.And then, there’s your Mom with her twinkling eyes brimming with umbilical love and all the synonyms that make you hug a person like she came back alive from a concentration camp.Not to forget all the embarrassing baby pictures hanging by your bedroom door and of course there are balloons,the size of your expectations.

All you can wish anymore is to enter the nearest washroom and flush yourself off. But instead,you loose the frown,shut the inner brat and greet everyone with over-exaggerated emotions like you are just born.Maybe, because you love them and strangely because they love you too.Like I said before, birthday are highly overrated.The best feelings come when you don’t see them coming.First love,first job,first high,second high. Anyway,party over.You enter your bedroom,change into your Pjs,plug in your earphones and Taylor is like “I’m feeling 22”.Oh cut the crap already!!



A gazillion visions intercept her mind simultaneously and she is standing on the podium,feeling utterly confused,nervous,goofy with zero insights on how the hell did she end up here.The inner freak in her is exploring its presence in its limits of degrees of degrees of limits.Was all of it worth THIS?
Hideous thoughts crawl into her mind space followed by an avalanche of tension all set to atomically shred her spirits.All her instincts turn unresponsive.The drill doesn’t seem habitual with its striking patterns.With her extinguished brilliance and a bruised self-esteem,she barely pulls herself together and gazes into the unknown.

A ferry-tale.

As if I could spend the eternity gazing into the boundless, open sky and the jaw-dropping expanse that encompassed my every breath and dimension. I stood there rooted to the wooden plank in conjunction with the ferry, taken aback by the gaping view and let the exuberance take over my spirit.


The city was only a ten minute ferry-ride from my coordinate. While it seemed quite convenient and time-preserving, I was compelled to give it a second thought. Irrespective of the religion, age, gender, community the ferry serves as common mode of transport to the localites. The boat held a dozen more commuters, with and without their mopeds and bicycles as it set forth towards its destination across the mighty river. I sat on the edge staring at the profound beauty and the sprawling green which kept moving further away with every growl of the engine motor.

For most of the passengers, the transit was a routine affair which was quite evident from the way they kept rambling in their localized dialect without taking any slight note of the welcoming panorama. I, on the contrary sat like a monk who had discovered his sanctum and let the calm-inducing aura seep into my inner space.

It is a routine-driven life.

Clicked by Tarash Jain.

We all perform our chunk of daily tasks that steer us through the day. Getting ready for office, writing your journal, taking a medicine, Facebook, coffee, metro, Sensex, tugging the shirt buttons wrongly, visiting the neighbourhood temple, delivering your evening Namaz, headbanging to Slayer or whatsoever, puffing the holy joint, gossiping about your sister’s bestfriend’s cousin, feeding grains to the birds, searching for an ideal parking lot, not following the schedule, getting late for the class lecture, sneaking into the class lecture, sleeping.

It differs from being to being, from haves to have-nots, from father to son, from husband to wife, from passenger to passenger.

“Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d.”

The school girl dismounted her bicycle, all set to race her way back home as I patiently waited for my turn to get on the ferry. When the sail began, the man standing beside his moped was engrossed in his cellphone; the fisherman sitting on the river bank making a livelihood from the gathered catch; the cyclewala sat quietly beside his bicycle, his legs crossed; the ferry conductor busy collecting fares, his mind absorbed in a silent computation.

Hence, we repeat and re-repeat our day everyday.So, sometimes when things do not turn up the way they are bound to be  it does feel refreshing.And just like that, it was an ordinary day with its share of extraordinary moments. How amazing it seems when simple, little things like a ferry-ride to the city can make your day count.

The glowing yellow ball in the sky was sinking into the waters, tinting the sky to pinkish-tangerine. The wind gushed over my face, strewing away the tiny hair fragments which constituted my hairline. It was a soothing rush, the kind that gives you a high and makes you surrender your consciousness.

I turned back to stare at the starting junction which now looked like an insignificant dot, fading to a blur.

The “Bunny” side of me.


Fourth Grade.

The usual Sunday.A feet ago.

Drooling over a pair of bunnies hopping playfully in the neighborhood park I couldn’t help but wish to have these super adorable creatures all for myself. Owing to their busy job culture and tight work schedule, my parents could never afford to grant my wish leaving all my efforts in vain.

Fourth semester

A week ago.

My infinite craze for bunnies and my everlasting desire to their pet-mom was finally fulfilled when a buddy of mine got me two baby bunnies as a birthday present. I was high on delight and excitement.


But hostel life is a big gun. My four year experience is ample enough to notify my how well equipped and self-sufficient I’m when it comes to taking care of myself.

After a series of repercussions and discussion with my roommate we finally succumbed to their overflowing cuteness and brought the babies to their new abode.

Rabbit#1 was a white fur and rabbit#2 was a brown fur, who were subsequently name-tagged as Bunny and Honey. The zoo-zoo face, the “bugs bunny” ears and a cute round furry tail that chickened out from behind added much to their charm. We spent the first one hour awing and exaggerating their every single move and pet peeves.I made them a den with a shoe carton and stringed it to a litter box. My roommate fetched them some grass to graze on. While Bunny was quite outgoing, Honey seemed equally shy.

How little did I know them.*sigh*


The night came fast and both of them went hyperactive, showcasing their bionic instincts and enlightened us with their pooping talent.

THE next day was spent cleaning bunny feces and radish twigs until I was yawning my soul out. Rabbit parenting wasn’t as easy as it seemed. As the week flew by, the parent mode inside me kickstarted. It was the bunny side of me and familiarity.


Flash forward to this day.

The rabbits are probably a month old by now. Apart from pooping in a split-second, peeing in the blink of an eye and making my life better by the moment, they’ve started to recognize me and Mr. Litterbox. I don’t care how bad my room stinks or how many room fresheners are left to sacrifice as long as I get to observe them chew their meals, cuddle together,stand on their hind limbs and curl into a fluffy cotton ball as they fall to sleep.


They are my happiness. They are my bliss.

I guess that’s that.!

Bunny has already started to nibble on my toe. I should go catch him some grub.

Till then.Toodles.Stay aw-so-me. (:

Photography Credits : My roommate Sakshi :*

A big thank you to my friend Kashif for gifting me the best birthday present I could ever get. (:

Re-solution Twenty Thirteen

Sun up, blink, sun down and the year is already older by 22 hours.


The beauty about being a human being is that we never fail in pretending to be a grown-up.

We toil and slog throughout our existence to end up in a wheelchair.We fall again in love after falling apart.We believe in come-backs and we also believe in moving on.We call upon those once-upon-a-moment fantasies to whitewash the reality.

We create to recreate,we bound to rebound.

Every 1st of January,the boomerang of resolutions hits us hard.It has been 19 years to never living upto any bunchload of resolution crap and here I’m for the 20th  time jotting down history.


RE#1   To make a room out of my dustbin and not vice versa.

RE#2  To read the newspaper DAILY .

               Apparently a buddy of mine found herself scratching her forehead to                             the extension of UPA.In that case,I would never have ended up the same.I’d rather bite my fingernails which brings me …

RE#3  To stop biting my fingernails.There have been too many “cringe” moments and spoiler alerts.

RE#4  To stop editing the bread side-crumbs from the holy bread-butter diet which basically comes after innumerable elder-rants and an article on” The prevailing food crises on the Global Canvas.”

RE#5  To flush away all the Pop and Indie Rock soundtracks from my playlist.My ears sense a grave need to try some new genres like dubstep and folk music.

RE#6  To improve my semester grades.*yawn*

RE#7 To practive typind gast withtiut lookinh ay the keybiayt.

RE#8  To give up on my crunchymunchy-craze for Lays because there is always a pimple-my childhood hate mate, all set to screw me right in my face.

RE#9  To live life, queen size ,the way I’ve always it wanted to be. While the mob is busy deciding how I should live my life, i’ll do everything that makes me happy.

RE#10 To stop over-thinking and over-analyzing because afterall everything ends with a “G”.

RE#11 To follow my resolutions and try not to repeat history.


And thus we conclude every year with a mindset to rise above the odds and to achieve greater heights personally and professionally,however dumb it may sound.

We do not need a day to celebrate the demise of a year because a mere numerical change of a date doesn’t really account for any difference in the course of our journey.

The only reason behind is a reason .A reason to stop and a reason to begin, a reason to rejoice and a reason to reunite, a reason to realize and a reason to relive the good and the bad. Just so it makes a difference.

For now, a very happy 365 to one and all.Much-love to all my readers.

She’s the man.!


So,it was the last day of my college fest and as they say,the best is saved for the last.With the final night comes exponential fun and frolic.The thermometer reads high on galore and the mob is charged with excitement.

The lazy person inside me had not managed to piece up with the “Gala” outfit and the ultimate lazy person already made me cross the hour late tag.My soil bag imitated Cartman,the fatass and my wardrobe was all about sadness.

Avoiding further dilly-dallying,i made a bizarre show with the scanty collection i had and somehow reach the venue where i met my boy volunteer buddy.
AWSOME!! >_<


While i was fixing my sneeker prone feet to stiletto mode,he was busy CHIC-ing out in his prolonged-worn sweat drenched nirvana tee and “never-combed” hair.
This was one moment when i couldn’t fight the crave to transform into a guy.Being a guy sometimes can be so easy.Its like rewarding yourself with freedom and oodles of body hair.The best part is you can skip all the unwanted nagging.
So whether its a standing hair segment saluting the vicinity,a pen stain on your nose or just a stupid pimple on a forehead,you can’t care less.

There is no comb,There is no bitch and there is no bitching.

Wake up.Dota.Sleep.

Gossip and envy are absent from your dictionary.Gpl-ing a friend is enough to kickstart your day. 🙂

Standing there beside my friend,i knew i couldn’t do anything but be jealous of him when i received the first rose of the eve.(shh :P)

Now this… is Awesome.

While i was envisioning myself to a dude,did i just skip out on my babe instincts??

Haha!!Ofcorse i did.

Chaps out there, you can never beat the pleasure of receiving a rose or the feeling of going gaga over a pair of stilettos. 😉

There is an amazingly exact species on the planet leading a wonderful life which is way past teutonic knights and Benzema.

When seasons change with the shade of your gloss and a  frizz- free straightener is enough to set your life straight.

We may be emotional,insecure,jealous and whatever extra cons you can count but REMEMBER “we are and hence you are” 😉

From the uber urge to shop like a maniac to being showered with over 100 likes on your lamest snaps,being a girl is well being a girl. 😉

However,you just can’t be alive in a world which only boasts of adam-alikes or eve-alikes.

A complementary prescence is always better than a compulsory abscence.

I believe we all have more valid reasons to fight with God than cribbing over our chromosomal configuration. 😛

♫ musiChrome ♫

A sudden gush of decibels left my eardrums the usual insane as i plugged in my earphones and started pacing towards the lecture hall.Thanks to my 24×7 music obsession!!I could predict my playlist faster than the difference between Mickey mouse and an ordinary mouse.
(Apparently,my mp3 player is that peculiar set of coordinates on Earth where Lady Gaga follows Katy Perry(alphabetically) and Adele shuffles tracks with Norah Jones) 😛
Anyway,chuck it.I activated the shuffle mode and just to keep myself more engrossed,i engaged myself in this lame “song vs color” game which went as>>
Track#1 Clarity – John Mayer
Buzz!! WHITE!!
Track#2 Neon – John Mayer (?_? thats.. the playlist sequence!! )
(I had to check if i had triggered the right mode and yes i did.Fine!!*Trolled*)
Track#3 Pocketful of sunshine
We attach a unique emotion and logic to each colour in our eye dictionary.And this gameplay brought me closer to two similar facets-Music and Colour!!
For the record,there are countless symphonies and countless shades.
To each sound,we can correlate a unique hex and thus music is my rainbow.The rainbow i can listen to 🙂
The rainbow of genres.Pop,rock,jazz,metal,country,folk,blues and myriads of such kinds which paint the spectrum of sound,thought and expression.
Music is a vivid blend of rhythms,trebles and tunes.It has a vastness which surpasses all depths and bounds.An enormity which goes beyond my,your’s and your favorite music icon’s sound paradigm.
My craze for music never replaced my fascination for crayons or sketching books.I’d rather call it a mature version of the feeling.
The primary colurs painted my primary ages.Music is the new blue and it is sketching my prime ages. 🙂
So if you are practical enough to give a chance to your craziness.Stream some good music,crank it up and exercise the pupils behind your eyes.I don’t promise it to be fun but i assure it’ll be something different.
(Atleast its better than cyberstalking your ex-boos or aimlessly staring at your crush room wall 😛 :P)
Hope i didn’t make it to the Mariana Trench.Chill folks!! I’m in the right spirits.
Music for life \m/.Lets hug it up!! 😀
P.S. If Pink Floyd and Justin Beiber just created a pinkish imagery somewhere beneath your skull,you are straight/gay enough to make out the shade difference 😉 😛

“V for VenDeTTa”

V for Vendetta/vengeance/vindiction are the most dangerous bugs from the evil Pandora’s box.

Among all the negative feelings in a person’s head,revenge is the purest notion.The effortless power of this verb can have critical consequences.

Be it the creation of facebook or the implantation of bombs in Hiroshima-Nagasaki,this emotion consistently proves its superiority on the human brain(s).Ofcorse,this doesn’t mean every insane mind, thirsty for vengeance will always end up doing an assassination or an invention,but its definately mind boggling.

As a child if you’ve ever tried snatching ur friend’s candy(which I always did :P),his instant reaction would be snatching your share and in a more notorious case you’ll also be gladly rewarded with a kick or a facepunch (which my buddy always did :P)

Not that this feeling comes inbuilt in a Sapien,much of it is because it is superhyped.From Tom n’ jerry to Angry birds,all of us are quite familiar to its ambience.

But Real life is verdictless.We have to mark our own checkboxes.There are phases when the angry bird inside us drives us to vengeful actions and just like how the game is played it can either be fully planned or a gut feeling.

But is it always about winning the game?Is it always a righteous deed?I agree revenge comes with enormous satisfaction but two wrongs do not make a right.
When god created revenge,he also created forgiveness.
If revenge brings satisfaction,forgiveness brings peace.

I might be the person who hooted the most when I saw Avengers defeating Loki.
However,my personal opinion still says “every action has an equal n’ opposite reaction” is only true as long as it is applied in physics.
So whether its an eye for an eye or a tit for tat,they are not just idioms.They are huge,life costing phrases.Think before you start believing in them.! 🙂

P.S.: If you got your hopes high that it was a movie review,then me is sorry.Well,sorry for you 😛

I heart Sundays.!! :D


Goodmorning  yawn-ers!!

So,this is just one day when i can’t help myself from being happy(rather flaunting my capped incisor :D) and ofcorse yawning.

The 3 things i can never fail in doing on Sundays

1)      Sleeping  (morning)

2)      Sleeping  (afternoon)

3)      Sleeping  (evening)

Now don’t ask me what i do at night 😛 😉

Well,anyway coming back to Sunday,this day has its own adds a new dimension to your week – LEISURE.

A day to relax,a day to cheer,a day to remember and a day to smile. 🙂

Every person has their own interpretation of Sunday.while Sundays can be the busiest working day of the week for the sale industry,its an equally lazy day for people like my doctor parents.

As a kid,i was with these 24-8 hrs (8 hours sleep is good for health :P).I got my Momy and Dady,both together for the whole day.

Opening my eyes to see my Ma’s cherubic face,kicking my asleep bro’s ass till he kicked the shit out of me,cuddling in Pa’s lap for the rest of the time and finally brushing at 10:30 a.m. after Ma’s consistent scolding.

The remaining day was a piece of cake.Movies,shopping,picnics and outings dominated the afternoons and evenings and by the onset of night i started to sense my school H.W. pangs.

Nevermind,Mondays were anyway torturous.The 6 day gap felt as hopeless as the first minute of a fluid mechanics lecture.

The week chart went as follows:

Gloomy Monday,boring Tuesday,dry Wednesday,come fast Sunday!! Thursday,lazy Friday,superfun Saturday and voila!Sunday. 😀

As i grew up to become a present day engineering student,my juvenile percerption about Sundays disappeared.The longing and excitement for this day perished over the years.

This doesn’t mean i don’t sleep on Sundays anymore,it only means i don’t sleep just on Sundays. ;P

College is simply as drowsy as it sounds.*Yawn*.There is no Sunday and there is no Monday.

No mom :(,no dad :(,no assignments :D,no tension :),no rules ;).

Much of college life is lazy and fun and once you reach it all you care to realise is that Mondays are overhyped and Saturdays are underestimated. 😉

Till then.Toodles.Sleep well.Stay awesome :*