Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday.And just like Taylor Swift “Not a lot is going on at the moment”(Especially after the Grammys’ x’D).You know what I mean.

So as I sit in my box and stare mindlessly at the spreadsheet, I can’t help but picture birthday scenarios.The overwhelming ones!

The significance of this day is a hyperbolic curve right from the day you hear your first cry.At this stage, I feel birthdays are highly overrated.

You wake up in the morning expecting a multistoreyed cake by your bedside but instead you find a teeny-weeny muffin with a teeny-weeny candle which melts itself out before you can even grab a bite.Since the day is SO *special*,all you want is to don a sequin dress with dazzling Selena Gomez hair but somehow, you end up looking like the adorkable Zooey Deschanel in a New Girl Episode.You wanna party like you’re Lindsay Lohan but you end up cribbing like Lizzie Mcguire.

Coming to the most important birthday feature.Its a four letter word and I’m not talking about cake.Yeah that’s called a GIFT.Well this is where the “Expectation vs Reality” syndrome kicks in.There that striking red gorgeous peplum dress that you’ve been drooling over since ages and that stunning Gucci bag that’s been flashing in your daydreams and those super hot Huckleberry boots which is the only missing element from the glamorous outfit combination you’ve been meaning to wear to the Valentine date hate party. But instead… well nevermind.

You come back from work expecting a deserted house full of unexpected guests with unexpected presents or at least Katy Perry disguised as a DJ.

Instead,you enter a room full of old uncles and their kids with cold drink (SERIOUSLY!!!) bottles arranged on the corner table.And then, there’s your Mom with her twinkling eyes brimming with umbilical love and all the synonyms that make you hug a person like she came back alive from a concentration camp.Not to forget all the embarrassing baby pictures hanging by your bedroom door and of course there are balloons,the size of your expectations.

All you can wish anymore is to enter the nearest washroom and flush yourself off. But instead,you loose the frown,shut the inner brat and greet everyone with over-exaggerated emotions like you are just born.Maybe, because you love them and strangely because they love you too.Like I said before, birthday are highly overrated.The best feelings come when you don’t see them coming.First love,first job,first high,second high. Anyway,party over.You enter your bedroom,change into your Pjs,plug in your earphones and Taylor is like “I’m feeling 22”.Oh cut the crap already!!


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