Re-solution Twenty Thirteen

Sun up, blink, sun down and the year is already older by 22 hours.


The beauty about being a human being is that we never fail in pretending to be a grown-up.

We toil and slog throughout our existence to end up in a wheelchair.We fall again in love after falling apart.We believe in come-backs and we also believe in moving on.We call upon those once-upon-a-moment fantasies to whitewash the reality.

We create to recreate,we bound to rebound.

Every 1st of January,the boomerang of resolutions hits us hard.It has been 19 years to never living upto any bunchload of resolution crap and here I’m for the 20th  time jotting down history.


RE#1   To make a room out of my dustbin and not vice versa.

RE#2  To read the newspaper DAILY .

               Apparently a buddy of mine found herself scratching her forehead to                             the extension of UPA.In that case,I would never have ended up the same.I’d rather bite my fingernails which brings me …

RE#3  To stop biting my fingernails.There have been too many “cringe” moments and spoiler alerts.

RE#4  To stop editing the bread side-crumbs from the holy bread-butter diet which basically comes after innumerable elder-rants and an article on” The prevailing food crises on the Global Canvas.”

RE#5  To flush away all the Pop and Indie Rock soundtracks from my playlist.My ears sense a grave need to try some new genres like dubstep and folk music.

RE#6  To improve my semester grades.*yawn*

RE#7 To practive typind gast withtiut lookinh ay the keybiayt.

RE#8  To give up on my crunchymunchy-craze for Lays because there is always a pimple-my childhood hate mate, all set to screw me right in my face.

RE#9  To live life, queen size ,the way I’ve always it wanted to be. While the mob is busy deciding how I should live my life, i’ll do everything that makes me happy.

RE#10 To stop over-thinking and over-analyzing because afterall everything ends with a “G”.

RE#11 To follow my resolutions and try not to repeat history.


And thus we conclude every year with a mindset to rise above the odds and to achieve greater heights personally and professionally,however dumb it may sound.

We do not need a day to celebrate the demise of a year because a mere numerical change of a date doesn’t really account for any difference in the course of our journey.

The only reason behind is a reason .A reason to stop and a reason to begin, a reason to rejoice and a reason to reunite, a reason to realize and a reason to relive the good and the bad. Just so it makes a difference.

For now, a very happy 365 to one and all.Much-love to all my readers.


13 thoughts on “Re-solution Twenty Thirteen

  1. Baby sis, you have come a long way. Absolutely love your selection of words, phrases, photos and the subtle sarcasm. Me a big fan already. Keep ’em rolling this year. Let there be 365 posts and 36500 hits on this blog this year.Amen \m/

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