I heart Sundays.!! :D


Goodmorning  yawn-ers!!

So,this is just one day when i can’t help myself from being happy(rather flaunting my capped incisor :D) and ofcorse yawning.

The 3 things i can never fail in doing on Sundays

1)      Sleeping  (morning)

2)      Sleeping  (afternoon)

3)      Sleeping  (evening)

Now don’t ask me what i do at night 😛 😉

Well,anyway coming back to Sunday,this day has its own charm.it adds a new dimension to your week – LEISURE.

A day to relax,a day to cheer,a day to remember and a day to smile. 🙂

Every person has their own interpretation of Sunday.while Sundays can be the busiest working day of the week for the sale industry,its an equally lazy day for people like my doctor parents.

As a kid,i was So.in.Love with these 24-8 hrs (8 hours sleep is good for health :P).I got my Momy and Dady,both together for the whole day.

Opening my eyes to see my Ma’s cherubic face,kicking my asleep bro’s ass till he kicked the shit out of me,cuddling in Pa’s lap for the rest of the time and finally brushing at 10:30 a.m. after Ma’s consistent scolding.

The remaining day was a piece of cake.Movies,shopping,picnics and outings dominated the afternoons and evenings and by the onset of night i started to sense my school H.W. pangs.

Nevermind,Mondays were anyway torturous.The 6 day gap felt as hopeless as the first minute of a fluid mechanics lecture.

The week chart went as follows:

Gloomy Monday,boring Tuesday,dry Wednesday,come fast Sunday!! Thursday,lazy Friday,superfun Saturday and voila!Sunday. 😀

As i grew up to become a present day engineering student,my juvenile percerption about Sundays disappeared.The longing and excitement for this day perished over the years.

This doesn’t mean i don’t sleep on Sundays anymore,it only means i don’t sleep just on Sundays. ;P

College is simply as drowsy as it sounds.*Yawn*.There is no Sunday and there is no Monday.

No mom :(,no dad :(,no assignments :D,no tension :),no rules ;).

Much of college life is lazy and fun and once you reach it all you care to realise is that Mondays are overhyped and Saturdays are underestimated. 😉

Till then.Toodles.Sleep well.Stay awesome :*


23 thoughts on “I heart Sundays.!! :D

  1. sundays……….awww……..i wish der cud b only sundays in a week…….oshin really a true depicting story based on us…..regarding sundays…marvellus work done….totlly appreciable….n…. 🙂

  2. oshin…you you & you….
    amazing is the only word that comes to my mind right now…
    you are fab…n u have actually written the TRUTH…
    so happy 🙂 🙂

  3. ha… sunday will always be sunday.. and the excitement of its arrival remains the same throughout the week whether its in college days or school… 🙂
    btw.. neuron clouds…. ♥♥♥

  4. one of my favorite memories of sleeping at home
    uth raha hu na…. bas 5 minute aur mom”

    Nitish Kumar
    7 hours ago
    Nitish Kumar

  5. I love you my darling doe,nice description of ever loved Sunday,now it is for you—– Friday is like dating
    Saturday is like engagement
    Sunday is like marriage
    Monday to Thursday are like marriage ke side effects

    with lots of love—your mom

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